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RX-865/886Hot melt butyl rubber

RX-865/886Hot melt butyl rubber

     The product description
  100% solids to polyisobutylene rubber materials for the solid elastomer. For one-component, solvent free, not out of the fog, sulfide, has a permanent plastic the first line of insulating glass sealant. In a wider temperature range its plasticity and sealing, and the surface cracks, the same hard. It on the glass, aluminum alloy, galvanized steel, stainless steel and other materials have good adhesive properties. Due to its extremely low water vapor transmittance, it can form a with elastic sealant excellent resistance to temperature gas system.
  The main features
  For the hot melt butyl insulating glass sealant, with good adhesion of aluminum frame, glass adhesive with high air tightness and high potent.
  Superior resistance to uv linear and water tightness is superior.
  Using temperature range, good manufacturability.
  Black color and packaging specifications of molten butyl rubber solid
  C 18 cm (180 mm) : 24 kg/box, each box column 4, 6 kg per column
  C 18 cm (180 mm) : 32 kg/box, each box column 4, 8 kg per column
  C 16 cm (160 mm) : 20 kg/box, each box column 4, 5 kg per column
  C 15 cm (150 mm) : 20 kg/box, each box column 4, 5 kg per column
  C 12 cm (120 mm) : 18 kg/box, each box column, 2 kg per column
  Directions for use
  Keep the adhesive interface is dry, clean, no oil is a class; You must use a special extrusion equipment for the production of hollow glass, glue temperature range is 120 ° C to 135 ° C;
  Not less than 5 ° C construction environment.
  Storage and the period of validity
  Belong to the dangerous goods, please stored in temperature at 27 ° C under cool, dry place, is valid for 12 months, should be used within 6 months after purchase.