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RX-K883-1A two-component silicone insulating glass sealant

RX-K883-1A two-component silicone insulating glass sealant

    The product description
  A two-component silicone insulating glass sealant, neutral curing, high modulus, high strength, low permeability rate performance, fully meet the requirements of hollow glass assembly, when used with dedicated A two-component glue machine construction or artificial batch glue lines, A and B components in accordance with the provisions, mixing ratio after curing formation of weather resistance, elastic silicone sealant.
  Product features
  A two-component, neutral room temperature curing, for building materials such as glass, metal corrosion, is designed for hollow glass assembly using silicone sealant.
  Excellent weather resistance, usually under the conditions of the service life of up to 10 years.
  Usually under the condition of without undercoat, for most building materials with good cohesiveness.
  The main purpose
  Hollow glass 2 adhesive seal.
  Product specification
  Team colors: A white, B component, mixed black to black.
  Use restrictions
  Should not be used for all leaking oil, plasticizer, or other organic solvent of the surface of the material.
  Should not be used as structural sealant.
  Should not be used for frost or the wet surface.
  Should not be used for continuous flooding into the age of the damp places.
  Material surface temperature is lower than 6 ° C or over 40 ° C, unfavorable construction.
  Base material surface is not clean, or unstable when crossing construction.
  Should not be used for the ground to undertake structural strength of interface or excessive physical damage.