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RX一K888A two-component silicone structural sealant

RX一K888A two-component silicone structural sealant

     The product description
  RX a K888 a two-component silicone sealant structure is a kind of curing two-component neutral silicone sealant structure, generally do not need to use the bottom coating, good compatibility with other neutral silicone rubber. Specially designed specifically for the high performance of the structure of the building curtain wall unit assembly. Neutral to take off the alcohol, room temperature curing, release a small amount of ethanol.
  The main features
  Meet GB16776 building silicone sealant structure specification for most base material has excellent bonding properties, such as coated glass, reflective glass, aluminum, galvanized iron block and a variety of plastic, etc.;
  Excellent high and low temperature resistance: a 50 ° C to 150 ° C keep elasticity;
  Excellent mechanical properties;
  Curing process without odour, also have no corrosion;
  Rapid solidification;
  Ozone resistance, resistance to ultraviolet radiation.
  Color and packaging
  RX - K888 hollow a two-component sealant glue is white, catalyst is black.
  RX - K888 A is 190 l steel drum packing,
  RX - K888 for 19 B l plastic packaging.
  Storage and the period of validity
  Belong to the dangerous goods, please stored in temperature below 27 ° C a cool and dry place, is valid for 12 months, should be used within 6 months after purchase.