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RX-K883A two-component hollow silicone sealant

RX-K883A two-component hollow silicone sealant

    The product description
  RX a K883 hollow a two-component silicone sealant is a neutral solidifying, designed for hollow glass assembly of silicone sealant. RX - K883 product formula design using its performance with high modulus, high strength, to meet the requirements of hollow glass assembly. When used with dedicated a two-component glue machine construction, two kinds of components in accordance with the provisions, mixing ratio rapid response after curing form elastomer.
  The main features
  The curing speed is adjustable, deep fast curing, suitable for plant construction, for metal, coated glass, concrete, marble, granite and other building materials without corrosive;
  Curing release at the lower part alcohols, without excitant or smelly;
  Excellent weathering resistance, ageing resistance, uv resistance, ozone resistance, water resistance;
  High and low temperature resistant performance is outstanding, after curing in a 50 ° C still not become brittle at low temperatures, hardening or cracking, under the high temperature of + 150 ° C will not become soft, degradation, always maintain good elasticity;
  With other neutral silicone sealant has a good compatibility.
  Storage and the period of validity
  Belong to the dangerous goods, please stored in temperature below 27 ° C a cool and dry place, is valid for 12 months, should be used within 6 months after purchase.