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Hollow glass energy conservation principle and practical application

[ Time:2015-06-27 Click:2287 ]

  Hollow glass is made up of two or more pieces of glass processing products. Composite adhesive with high strength and tightness around the glass and aluminum alloy frame and rubber, glass bonding, sealing, filling the middle dry gas, can also be coated with various colors or different performance of thin film, box filled with desiccant, to ensure that the air dry degree between the raw glass. The edge of the hollow glass is strictly sealed with sealant, hollow glass inner chamber with dry air or filled with inert gases, the part of the gas is sealed for a long time in cavity, not with outside air convection, the heat on both sides of the hollow glass won't because of the convection of the gas between the glass and heat can be taken away. Air is a poor conductor of heat, with the seal gas of two layers of glass are very little heat conduction, good heat insulation effect thereby. When on both sides of the hollow glass appear larger temperature difference, two of the single piece of glass surface does not have a large temperature difference, so won't produce frost, the phenomenon of condensation. Because of the hollow glass good thermal insulation performance, called it "insulating glass" abroad.
  Hollow glass and glass of ordinary double the distinction that having essence. Both the most essential difference is that the former seal, which is not sealed. It is because of the double deck glass don't make it easy to dust and water vapor into the glass sealing inner chamber, water vapor encounter cold frost, condensation when it is heated, attached to the dust on the surface of the glass can never be removed, install and use soon, will make the window glass of fuzzy, filthy. Double deck glass, of course, to a certain extent, also can play a certain sound insulation, heat insulation effect, but the performance is far and hollow glass. Hollow glass is not a vacuum glass, hollow glass chamber of the gas pressure in the basic consistent with the outside world, otherwise very easy to cause the glass broken. Vacuum glass is two pieces of glass sealed up and around into a vacuum gap, the gap between the two piece of glass is 0.1 -- 0.2 mm, with the particles in the middle. Vacuum glass of two pieces of glass has a low emissivity glass is membrane, reduce the radiation heat transfer between the two pieces of glass, so that the heat energy dissipated through vacuum glass down to the lowest, the principle of heat insulation and heat preservation and heat insulation of the vacuum flask principle is the same.
  According to different hollow glass using the site, the purpose is different, the raw materials and structure of the hollow glass use is endless also and same. As in the south, the temperature is higher, for the whole year light for a long time, in the use of hollow glass, more consideration is the less control the external heat can enter indoor, when choosing hollow glass glass, will be more to consider using coated glass; In the northern region, the main purpose of the use of hollow glass is heating and heat preservation, so can consider to choose more transparent glass insulating glass glass. And in the place where the need to control noise, you need to use three layer or filling of hollow glass, to achieve the purpose of use.
  With the development of economy, hollow glass products have more development, USES with varieties of raw materials is increasing. Such as curtain wall with hollow glass; Cars, trains with hollow glass; Electrical insulating glass; Decorative hollow glass (including inlaid with hollow glass, caijing vertical line hollow glass) and so on. All these products, although due to different purposes, using different raw materials, but the basic composition is the same, that is:
  (1) all kinds of glass, including various white glass, all sorts of color glass, coated glass, and various kinds of secondary processing such as tempered glass, laminated glass, and so on; All of the flat glass and its deep processing products, is the basic element of the hollow glass.
  (2) the interval of gas, including dry air and some special inert gas such as argon and krypton and sulfur hexafluoride, generally according to different needs and product varieties, filling the inert gas is also different. Argon and krypton main insulation effect plays a role of sound insulation and sulfur hexafluoride. Sealant for insulating glass, sealing side, to ensure that as little as possible of water vapor into the interior of the hollow glass, prolonged failure of hollow; Desiccant pledged to seal in the inside of the hollow glass clean all the water vapor adsorption, and adsorption with the passage of time and enter the inside of the hollow glass of water vapour, ensure the service life of hollow glass; Every article control insulating glass of space of inside and outside two pieces of glass, and control the external water vapor was completely cut off in this part, ensure a reasonable space for hollow glass thickness and service life.