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Aluminum spacing bar, glass and hollow glass silicone rubber is not the cause of the adhesive have? How to solve?

[ Time:2015-06-27 Click:953 ]

  Bonding bad reason, induction is the following:
  A: construction, no adhesion tests before construction, for example, failure to base material cleaning, cleaning the glass didn't immediately close, etc.
  Solution: to ensure that the substrate clean, according to the specification requirements for the construction.
  B: the base material problems, such as differences between different batches base material; Off-line low-e coated glass side note glue area not in addition to the membrane; Aluminum spacing bar surface no oxide layer was cut grease, etc.
  Solution: different batches of the base material to do adhesion test, off-line low-e coated glass bonding surface parts processing, in addition to membrane aluminum spacing bar to remove oily be soiled, oxide layer, etc.
  C: the environment temperature is low, the speed of the low initial bond, or a short curing time, tapping adhesive performance testing.
  Solution: increase the use and maintenance environment temperature.
  D: butyl rubber has a problem, the tunnel is affected the insulating glass sealant adhesion.
  Solution: choose quality guaranteed a sealed butyl rubber insulating glass.
  E: in the process of injecting mixed uneven phenomenon.
  Solution: injecting by butterfly test before confirm the part A and part B mixed evenly.
  F: part B adding quantity is too little or too much is beyond the scope manufacturers allow proportion.
  Solution: before injecting through time tensile tests confirm that A and B component glue proportion ratio range specified in the manufacturer