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Hollow plastic snap in use process what are the factors affecting time is not normal? How to solve?

[ Time:2015-06-27 Click:1147 ]

  Two-component silicone rubber in the standard conditions: temperature (23 + 2) ℃, humidity (50 + 5) %, the tensile failure time between 20 min - 60 min belongs to the normal range, such as beyond the scope of snap may be too long or too short, time snap abnormal most are the following four categories:
  A: the environment temperature on the high side snap can lead to a shorter time, snap low environmental temperature will lead to a prolonged; Environmental humidity is too low will lead to snap time is extended.
  Solution: such as water of air conditioning, heating, drying methods that use the environment and maintenance environment temperature and humidity in a suitable range.
  B: snap b component proportion is too high will lead to a shorter time, snap b component proportion is low can lead to a prolonged.
  Solution: adjust the ratio of hollow rubber part A and part B in the hollow requirements within the scope of adhesive manufacturers.
  C: formula used in winter, the summer temperature drop, snap can slant long; Glue used in summer and winter's formula, due to the increasing environmental temperature, tensile time will shorten.
  Solution: choose relative should as far as possible when using glue in winter and summer seasons formula of hollow plastic.
  D: the effects of pollutants. Such as glue machine before use other types of hollow rubber or other brands, in rubber after wash not clean because of the glue machine, snap time there will be affected. Especially make gum machine before use polysulfide rubber, in using silicone rubber, if glue machine is not cleaned completely, snap time significantly longer.
  Solution: change of glue, glue machine, and pipe must be removed. Especially before using polysulfide in using silicone rubber, be sure to remove the equipment all relevant parts of materials flow completely, with an appropriate solvent residual material will be completely clean, even very small amounts of polysulfide rubber residual leads to silicone rubber tensile obviously prolong time