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Which a few kinds curtain wall with sealant can be divided into?

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  Reader: the construction curtain wall with sealant was divided into which a few kinds, what is the distinguishing feature of each?
  RanXu technology: according to the different chemical composition, building curtain wall with sealant can be divided into: silicone, polyurethane, silane modified polyether, polysulfide, etc. Specific features see the table below:

  Silicone sealant is mainly organic silicon polymer substrate material, molecular chain is made up of silicon, oxygen, silicon key, the key of than ordinary rubber carbon - carbon bonds much larger, higher than that of uv energy, therefore very resistant to ultraviolet aging and various climate ageing. Silicone sealant can according to the formula of the different hidden frame curtain wall is designed to be used for long-term bear loads and aging of silicone sealant structure, can also be designed to be used in all kinds of curtain wall joint seal of weather resistance of a silicone sealant, joint sealant, doors and Windows and insulating glass sealant. Because the silicone sealant has excellent aging resistance, so the curtain wall industry is the preferred sealing material.


  Polyurethane sealant is mainly used for the glass curtain wall in the building curtain wall joint seal, can besmear brushs paint surface, but after a long after the ultraviolet irradiation, the surface crack will appear.
  Polysulfide sealant has good air tightness, Ming box is mainly used for doors and Windows and curtain wall with hollow glass two seals. However, polysulfide sealant and glass bonding surface after ultraviolet irradiation will appear the phenomenon of degumming, therefore in the hidden frame curtain wall, point type curtain wall 2 sealant, such as exposure to the sun all occasion of banning the use of polysulfide rubber for hollow glass pieces. Occasions in difference in temperature is bigger, also recommend the use of silicone structural adhesive as the sealing of hollow glass, because when the temperature is lower, the inside of the hollow glass negative pressure will be bigger, article 2 sealant if the interval cohesive force is insufficient, may cause spacing bar slip inside, disable hollow glass. See below.

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