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Butyl rubber using common problems

[ Time:2014-10-31 Click:1956 ]

  Butyl sealant as the first line in the groove aluminum sealing sealant, have the effect of isolation water vapor through. But in the process of different manufacturers use, due to reasons such as machinery, personnel, materials, resulting in a variety of production problems, affect the use of the customer, therefore, it is necessary to summarize experience of the industry, and analyze the problems often, and possible solutions are put forward.
  Article 1, phenomenon: coated in the interval of butyl strip have burrs, not neat.
  The reason:
  < 1 > adhesive coating machine nozzle exit may have impurities or rubber mouth mouth is not smooth.
  < 2 > sealant in the bubble more or replacement without exhaust process after the sealant.
  < 3 > butyl sealant with impurities
  < 1 > check whether there is rubber coating machine mouth mouth impurities or whether smooth use cement quality sealant.
  < 2 > proper exhaust replacing sealant.
  2, phenomenon: hollow glass of butyl strip appears a gap between the second sealant (white line).
  Reason: the name of the second sealant not the right way of coating.
  Second sealing rubber mouth is too big.
  Solutions: the second sealing glue coating, should be appropriate force according to the direction of a coating, to prevent the air wrapped into the glue, reduce the sealing performance of hollow glass. At the same time adjust the speed of sealant, adhesive head size.
  3, phenomenon: butyl rubber extrusion after heating is not smooth, easy to break glue (break).
  Reason: < 1 > butyl sealant used is the key to extrusion, the control of the temperature in the process of extrusion processing is very important, if temperature is appropriate, directly affect the machining process of butyl sealant in the whole rheological state, affects the quality of products and beauty, should pay special attention to for temperature. High temperature can cause sealant melt is too big, no strength can't even shaped flow (phenomenon); Temperature is too low, glue the liquidity is poor, poor machine and extruded, affect the construction progress, also is the main cause of extrusion is not smooth. < 2 > butyl sealant mixed with air bubbles in the manufacturing, easy cause in extrusion process interrupted glue phenomenon; In the process of pack glue container remaining in the air. < 3 > butyl rubber containing impurities.
  Solution: < 1 > temperature selected general extrusion temperature range is provided by the manufacturer. Extruder temperature and general setting machine barrel between (100-150 ℃), the nose between (102-152 ℃). In order to make the host to produce a certain pressure, uniform melt extrusion and therefore requires the nose temperature higher than the barrel temperature. Temperature has certain hysteresis, should be paid attention to in the adjustment, heating and cooling should be gradually. < 2 > before the start of coating, should exhaust, appropriate to reduce the internal air bubble and gap, in order to prevent the broken plastic bubbles generated when it is squeezed. < 3 > clean plastic head, or in different manufacturers products.
  4, phenomenon: extrusion temperature control is appropriate, but the article interval with butyl adhesive seal adhesive is not good or poor adhesiveness.
  Reason: < 1 > article interval or conveyor belt is not clean oil and dirt. < 2 > with a rubber belt transmission speed mismatch, interval can not afford time to glue. < 3 > interval box deflection, apply glue mouth position through or glue is not correct, cement and aluminum strip distance is not appropriate. < 4 > sealant viscosity difference in itself. < 5 > low temperature < 6 > aluminum bar is not straight
  Solutions: < 1 > clean and school team interval and transmission belt, adjust the speed of the conveyor belt. < 2 > according to the specifications of the spacer bars to adjust the distance between the two rubber mouth. < 3 > coating time frame should be vertically, it is not easy by glue or position to prevent cement was caused by the incorrect location is not correct spacing bar don't glue phenomenon. < 4 > butyl sealant both elastic and viscous elastomer, through the appropriate temperature and pressure of extrusion adsorption on article cleaning intervals, the plastic melt butyl glue spreading glued surfaces, gradually moist glued surfaces and surface and surface pores, it is a physical process, in the process of butyl rubber and be sticky surface contact between objects. As a result, the suitable construction is conducive to the process of the temperature and pressure, it is worth noting that the glue on the interval of the adsorption of need for a period of time (3 min - 5 min) can achieve the best adhesion effect. < 5 > increasing construction environmental temperature, or improve the glue head temperature. < 6 > in quality qualified aluminum crosser
  5, phenomenon: making good insulating glass, after a period of time (butyl sealant and glass debonding (especially the corner).
  Reason: < 1 > butyl sealant (close to ambient temperature) sintering at low temperature is poor. < 2 > after coating butyl rubber, handlers to repair the corner excess sealant with butyl rubber bonding surface. < 3 > close, operator contact butyl rubber adhesive surface.
  Solution: < 1 > choose good quality butyl sealant. < 2 > request handlers are not allowed to contact in the construction process of butyl sealant adhesive surface
  6, phenomenon: making good insulating glass, butyl sealant.
  Reason: < 1 > do hollow glass with butyl sealant sealant are incompatible with heretics. < 2 > hollow plastic glass frame using the doors and Windows with butyl sealant sealant are incompatible. < 3 > weathering sealant used in curtain wall installation is not compatible with butyl sealant. < 4 > use unqualified butyl sealant. < 5 > butyl sealant heat resistance is poor.
  Solution: < 1 > choose quality assured sealant, used the same products as much as possible. Sealant < 2 > different manufacturers do necessary compatibility test before use, the compatibility test for butyl sealant, apare insulating glass sealant, doors and Windows with sealant or weather resistance sealant used in curtain wall installation compatibility test).
  7, phenomenon: making good insulating glass, use for a period of time or after the ultraviolet irradiation, hollow glass out of the fog.
  Reason: < 1 > using butyl sealant stability is poorer, after high temperature or ultraviolet light, volatile matter content is higher. < 2 > when the production of hollow glass, butyl sealant has not formed a complete sealing system. < 3 > improper selection of desiccant.
  Solution: < 1 > choose good quality top you sealant. < 2 > the hollow glass production requirements is not permitted in the whole interval box off the interval of glue phenomenon using the corner connection box, the interval of the corner connection box, requirements for butyl sealant to seal completely the corner, connecting bend into the connection between external using butyl chip seal, molecular sieve filling the mouth with butyl sealant completely sealed. < 3 > and the hollow glass production is recommended to use 3 a molecular sieve, and before use to check whether it expires. Cannot use the general desiccant instead of 3 a molecular sieve.
  8, phenomenon: wiredrawing phenomenon appeared in the process of butyl rubber in the glue.
  Reason: < 1 > different manufacturer production butyl rubber formula system, frequently occur in wire drawing; < 2 > the environment temperature is too low; < 3 > glue operation is not standard; < 4 > withdrawing nozzle is easy to appear, wire drawing; < 5 > adopt plunger type spear nozzle can effectively solve the problem of glue when broken plastic wire drawing.
  Solution: < 1 > contact manufacturer; < 2 > factory assume different base compound formulation system is different, lead to easy in wire drawing; < 3 > to improve environmental temperature or temperature glue head; < 4 > in glue, after the completion of appropriate ascending aluminum crosser. < 5 > adopt plunger type spear nozzle can have the problem of glue when broken plastic wire drawing.
  Article 9, phenomenon: aluminum coating butyl rubber, the beginning of the parts without glue
  Reason: coating machine rubber speed is slow.
  Solution: adjust the glue speed coater.

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