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Minmetals futures: Aaron aluminum squeeze or will continue

[ Time:2014-08-27 Click:1272 ]

  Aaron aluminum rushed up to 2100 points on Tuesday, a recent high. 21 BANDING REPORT shows that there are still a large open accounts for between 50% and 80%. In LME warehouses in months, holdings has not cut shows bull intend to continue to squeeze. CASH discount fell to $11.25-3 m/tons, slightly weaker, at the same time, the spot price is the futures premium 7 dollars/tons, from Friday down 5 dollars/ton.
  Shanghai aluminum on the outside dish strong impetus to touch 14500 yuan/ton, the domestic spot market, east China grocers price is rising, the downstream fear high apparent, receiving the sidelines, changed hands clinch a deal between middlemen more, remain discount 45 yuan/ton on the spot.
  Aaron aluminum spot end is still strong in the short term, the Shanghai aluminum under the bullish enthusiasm to rise difficulty down in the short term will remain the situation, remain short more than thought
  Operational Suggestions: short hold more, more than 14500 strength, decrease